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Admittance Application for Cats / Kittens

To have an animal considered for admission into our adoption program, please fill out the form below. Please keep in mind that filling out an application does not ensure a place in the orphanage. As a no-kill shelter, our intake numbers are limited. Also, the Orphanage does not operate based on a "waiting list" system. Instead, pets are accepted in as new spaces open up, and as we have applications on file for people waiting for specific types of pets. For example, if we have an application waiting for a schnauzer mix, that type of pet may be accepted into the orphanage before another pet. So, providing detailed information about the pet you would like to admit is beneficial. This method facilitates quicker matches for individuals already waiting with an application on file with the Orphanage, and helps more pets to be successfully matched with permanent loving homes.


For urgent placement needs, we also offer a document, Local Rescue Resources, which provides contact information to other additional rescue groups. This is a general listing intended to provide additional support for you. In providing this list we are not endorsing or suggesting that we have specific knowledge of the practices within these organizations. 

If the animal you are trying to place is a stray, scanning for a microchip is critically important. Having pets microchipped is the law in many municipalities and helps lost pets to be reunited with their families. Our facilities are open 7 days a week, from 7am to 9pm, and we are happy to scan pets in an effort to help you in locating their owners. 

What is the pet's sex?
Is the pet spayed / neutered?
Is the pet curret on vaccines?
Is the pet on heartworm prevention?
Is the pet on flea control?
Is the pet on any other medications?
Has this animal ever shown agressive tendencies (growling, snapping, biting) to anyone?
Is the pet good with (check all that apply)
Upload Photograph(s)
The cost of caring for an orphan is $200 - $400 or more. My pledge to support the care of this pet and others is:
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